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Finance Department


Our team of finance professionals is here to assist you with securing the best finance terms available based on your credit. You have the options of securing your own financing however; we work almost like a broker to find you the best available terms by having lenders compete for your business. We are committed to providing you with competitive purchase options. We also offer various products to help protect your investments such as Gap Protection, warranty contracts, maintenance packages, etc.



Filling out a credit application is quick and easy. You may begin by clicking on the finance link. There you will pick the vehicle of interest, complete the application and hit send. We will us the information to get you the best finance rate and term available to you.


Using us for financing will save you time. Often times when you attempt to secure a bank loan on your own it can be time consuming. The process normally will begin with you taking your lunch break to visit your personal bank. You may then wait in a lobby for a few minutes to meet with an personal banker. At that point you explain what you are attempting to do and continue on to filling out a credit application. After doing so you may have to then wait for a 24 hour period for it to be processed. You then wait for the bank to send you a package for signing or you my use another lunch break to visit the bank for signing document and obtaining a draft. With us the process and be shortened to a matter of an hour or two from start to you driving off the lot with your next car. To begin the process click here.



The economy has affected many of us in ways that led to our credit score dropping a little or a lot. Restore your credit with an auto loan through one of our special finance programs. Let us assist you in reaching your credit goals. With our assistance you’ll driving a vehicle that will help you get from point A to point B and at the same time boost your credit worthiness. To get started with building credit click here.

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